Have you Ever Thought of Using Amazon to Sell Electronics Online – The Pros and Cons

If you want to get into the business of selling electronics online, then the good thing is that you are pretty much spoiled for choice when it comes to where you can sell your items. Amazon is the most famous online marketplace that will allow you to sell electronics online with ease, however just because it’s famous it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t come with some cons along with all of the pros and before you make any decision it is important to always look at both sides, and that is exactly what we will be doing in this article.

Pro: So many customers from the start

Apart from this being a great reason to use Amazon, it is also a great reason for using an online marketplace. But since Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces out there, then it is easy to see how it can give you a truly huge customer base from the get-go. With access to over 244 million customers without having to pay a dime for an ad, you as a small business owner or as a one-time seller can really benefit from that.

Con: Fees

Of course, there are always the infamous fees that you need to pay when using Amazon to sell electronics online. Depending on the amount that you price your products at, the prices that you will have to pay can go anywhere from 1 dollar all the way up to 25 percent of the sale price, and these ads are paid per sale. If you choose to have your electronics as a part of the Fulfillment by Amazon where the Amazon warehouses and fulfills your products, you will also have to pay a listing fee on top of the other fees that you will have to pay, and this listing fee typically costs a few dollars, but again it depends on the type of item in question.

Pro: Referrals

This something that is fairly unique to Amazon and it’s something that offers you a great advantage as a seller, even when you are not on Amazon. The built-in algorithm for recommended purchases works in a way that can help you get more customers even if they are not looking for your site. When someone searches for something that Amazon doesn’t even have as a product, they will refer those customers to a page that offers that product as a recommendation, and your website may just be the website that gets recommended.

Amazon is one of those marketplaces that seems like they benefit sellers, buyers and sometimes even businesses that are not on Amazon, and that can be very appealing. But, as we mentioned before, seeing both sides of the spectrum is important when you want to sell electronics online, and hopefully, this article has helped you do just that, and the rest is up to you.