How to Sell Cosmetics at the Comfort of Your Home

It can be an exciting and also a profitable venture to sell cosmetics at the comfort of your home. However, you need first to figure out how you will be getting the products. We have people who resort to making their cosmetics, but this method can prove to be time-consuming and costly. Most people in this cosmetic business industry like to join direct sales networks. However, you may choose to begin from low, especially if you plan on selling natural cosmetics. Below are some of the aspects you can consider doing if you want to flourish your cosmetic business at your home;

1.  Book space and get a license

This space is for setting up your business.  You can decide to use a spare room if you want to avoid tax-related issues that come as result of setting up an office space. You must also ensure that you have the vendor license in place since you’ll be required to pay taxes, you need to apply for a vendors license from the issuing authorities, e.g., from your county administrators office.

2.  Choose a company that offers direct sales services if you select a direct sales supplier

If you are starting your business from scratch, you will have to look for your wholesale supplier. Visit various prominent cosmetic organizations and talk to representatives about potential cosmetic wholesalers. After locating you supplier, go ahead and contact several wholesalers of cosmetic products. Make inquiries about the products they sell and if they suit your needs. Choose the wholesaler that offers you the least unit cost of his or her products.

3.  Look at the catalogs, price lists, product samples, gift bags

With a list of products that you need for your store, you can order forms from your wholesaler or direct sales company. Call friends, family or business associates, host a party or a show for them. Request them to invite other hostess to the party. Arrange many parties as possible in a month.


When the products come in, arrange on time for your hostess to pick them up. Ensure that your hostess collects all the cash and checks from all those people who showed up at your cosmetic party. Spend most of your weekends and evenings looking for people who can host cosmetic selling parties for you. If you have time, ensure that you promote your cosmetic business at the slightest opportunity. You can also sell your cosmetics online, on cosmetic website templates among other places.


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